Capt. Thomas M. Nangle, a St. John’s native son, was the Royal Newfoundland Regiment’s Roman Catholic padre and, after the First World War, Newfoundland’s representative on the International War Graves Commission and Director of Graves Registration and Enquiry. His primary duty was identifying, collecting and re-burying the members of the Regiment killed in action, and to mark their graves in Commonwealth military cemeteries. His personal knowledge during the battles of the temporary grave locations was considered to be an asset to the task at hand. His secondary duty was to create permanent monuments to the Regiment’s fallen. He was the leading force in having the five battlefield memorials – known as ‘The Trail of the Caribou’ – completed at Gueudecourt, Masnieres, Beaumont-Hamel, and Monchy-le-Preux in France and Courtrai in Belguim between 1922 and 1925. Although Padre Nangle is on record for recommending a sixth memorial (for Gallipoli, Turkey), it has not materialized in the century that followed.