Many special events are planned to commemorate the First World War.

In 2015 the City of St. John’s granted almost $250,000 to 15 groups and organizations for First World War commemorations. One of those is the exclusive sponsorship of CBC’s documentary “The Trail of the Caribou” marking the one hundredth anniversary of Beaumont Hamel. CBC NL will present this legacy project on July 1, 2016. The City is pleased to be offering pre-screening events to school children and the public. To reserve a free ticket to the public screening on June 24 at Cineplex, click HERE. Seating is limited. The documentary is also part of the REEL Downtown schedule.

In the documentary Allan Hawco and Mark Critch tell the story of Newfoundland’s war experience. They have walked the trenches, visited the battlefields and pondered the memorials of the European battles that cost the lives of so many young Newfoundland soldiers.