The men of the Newfoundland Forestry Corps were also honoured when the design of the Newfoundland National War Memorial, unveiled July 1, 1924, included a life-size woodsman with an axe thrown over his shoulder and a peavey at his feet. This logger stands out front, alongside a merchant seaman. These two were designed by British sculptor Gilbert Bayes and the E.J. Parlanti & Company Ltd. foundry in London cast them in bronze. Both these trades complimented the war efforts of those who served in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and the Royal Naval Reserves. The statues above and either side of the logger and merchant seaman were designed by Swiss sculptor Ferdinand Victor Blundstone who worked in London, and also were cast by Ercole Parlanti’s company. Both sculptors were members (later Fellows) of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and eminently popular in the 1920s.