The Newfoundlanders soon had their own spiffy uniforms, known as “posh”, made by tailors in Scotland which closely resembled an officer’s uniform. To say that they cut a fine figure is an understatement as no military-issued uniform looked as good as these specially made from the finest of Scottish cloth! At least two of the Forestry Corps members found their brides while overseas and were married: John A. Barrett (#8028) married Ena Culbard in Dunkeld; Capt. Hector A. Ross (#O-96), the Corps Adjutant, married Phyllis Reynolds in Worsley, near Manchester. Their new brides, and many other ladies whose hearts had been won by Newfoundland men, moved to Newfoundland after the war. The Newfoundland War Brides would gather at social outings, some of which were hosted at Government House in St. John’s. Some Newfoundland men returned to Scotland after the war, married and settled there.