The honour of being assigned Regiment # 1 – the first recruit – goes to CLB member, Leonard L. Stick, and #2 was also a CLB member, George Beverley Tuff.

James J. Donnelly (a member of the CCC) was the first member of the Regiment to be awarded the Military Cross. He paid the supreme sacrifice.

The caribou head adopted by the Newfoundland Regiment was the original insignia of the Newfoundland Highlanders.

The youngest (and second) Newfoundlander to earn the Victoria Cross was Thomas Ricketts #3102 (a member of the CLB).

Dr. Cluny Macpherson, Chief Medical Officer with the Newfoundland Regiment and inventor of the gas mask, was instrumental in forming the Methodist Guards’ Brigade.

Rev. Thomas Nangle, who served as Roman Catholic Padre to the Regiment and championed Beaumont Hamel Memorial Park, was a member of the CCC.

Walter F. Rendell of the Legion of Frontiersmen was appointed Camp Adjutant with the rank of lieutenant. He was responsible for all administrative tasks at the Training Camp.

The blue puttees (leg wraps) selected as a distinctive part of the new regiment’s uniform, worn by the First Five Hundred, earned them another name - “the Blue Puttees”. These came from the Quartermaster’s Store of the CLB and became their badge of honour.