"Into Each Sock I Weave a Prayer"

- Extract from the poem A Pair of Grey Socks by Margaret Duley

On August 31, 1914, at a meeting organized by Lady Margaret Davidson (wife of Newfoundland Governor, Sir Walter Davidson), the Patriotic Association of the Women of Newfoundland (WPA) was formed in St. John’s. The city soon had 17 WPA branches and the number grew to 218 branches outside the capital. Three Red Cross affiliates made medical supplies. Over 15,000 women mobilized in kitchens, drawing rooms, church halls and Government House to knit and sew much needed clothing for our soldiers and seamen serving overseas. WPA grey socks became the most sought after item by Newfoundlanders and Allied servicemen. Many ladies tucked a handwritten note or poem inside the toe of a sock; a tender gesture to bring some comfort to the men so far from home.